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Loughaghery Presbyterian Church


The Senior Girls Auxiliary commenced in 1947 during the ministry of Rev. Rankin. Mrs. Rankin was the first President and leader. The aim of the members was through personal allegience to Jesus Christ to serve the Church at home and overseas. The motto was “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” Phillipians ch. 4 v. 13.The Zenana Mission Fund, and a Special Object and our own church was supported annually. The meetings were held from October to April in the Manse. The programme for each session was varied and included Bible Study, Woman’s Work quiz, Missionary night, slides, Minister’s talk, Handwork, Keep Fit and Record Night. A special effort was held each spring to raise money for funds.


The Junior and Intermediate G.A. was formed in 1951 to cater for younger members. The leaders over the years were Mrs. Jean Stewart, Mrs. Marie Gourley, Mrs. Hynds, Miss Mavis Kirk, Mrs. Beth Graham, Misses Mary Reid, Jennifer Moag, Marion Beatty, Yvonne Greer, Audrey Graham and Frances Bell. In 1951 a table was presented for the Minister’s room and in 1960 a pulpit fall.

Both organisations continued during the ministry of Rev. Crooks until 1968. In 1968 the organisation closed down officially throughout our Church because of decrease in membership.

18SeniorGA{Senior G.A. 1. Scott, M. Reid, Mrs. Rankin, M. Scott; May McCord, F. Rainey, R. Campbell, Maureen McCord.}