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Loughaghery Presbyterian Church



On 6th March 1971 the hall was opened. The ceremony was performed by Rt. Rev. Principal J.L.M. Haire M.A., D. D., Moderator. In his address he said “Here you have created a hall, where you will be able to worship, learn and gather together for recreation and be better in body, spirit and mind.”Mr. Crooks in his turn said it had been the all-absorbing ambition of the congregation to build a hall and two years previously a fund had been started for this purpose. He was keen for a permanent building, but after much discussion and thought, it was eventually decided to erect a cedar-wood building. Mr. 0. Greer, treasurer, informed the congregation on that afternoon that the building had cost £4500. The congregation contributed £2400. Then a bequest from Miss Magill of £160 and a donation of £150 from Sir James Martin.

At a fete held in May 1970 in a field of Mr. Greets £ 1600 was realised, and at the dedication service that afternoon £400 was lifted, as a result the hall was opened free of debt. The following poem was written by Mr. Tommy Mitchell, one time Sunday School Teacher and Elder about the May fete.

There’s many a lovely valley
In dear old County Down
And many an ancient building
In our beloved land is found;
But the one I now am thinking of
Would take your breath away,
It is the dear old Church Loughaghery
In the townland of Cargygray.
It is lovely and oh so quiet
And free from worldly din
And when you enter in you’ll find
A sacred peace within;
No ornaments adorn her walls,
She was not built for show
Just a homely place to worship God
By the people of long ago.

But after careful thinking
And discussions by them all
The members thought the time had come
To build themselves a hall.
So at last it was decided
That we should have a go,
But how to go about it
We really did not know.

But soon our leader Mr. Crooks
Soon too the job in hand
And he was well supported
By a strong and willing band
So a field being kindly granted
It was settled then and there
That to make a lot of money
We would have a grand May Fair.

The weather-man being in a friendly mood
He gave us of his best,
Yes God gave us a perfect day
And left us to do the rest.
We thank Him for the sunshine
He gave that live long day
For any doubts and fears we had
It swept them all away.

The ladies turned out in splendour
As only ladies can
And for sheer determination
Far surpass the humble man;
They are blessed with endless energy,
And given half a chance
It is they who pay the piper
And the men who have to dance.
We had tinned meat, sweet meat,
Teas and lemonade
All sorts of entertainments
With a fancy dress parade;
We had eatables, vegetables
And implements galore
The like of which was never seen
In any field before.

We had hardware, software,
And ware in between
We had baby’s wear, ladies wear
Fit for any queen.
With jumpers for the short man,
And blazers for the tall,
Dresses for the girls,
With hardly any dress at all.

Livestock being there in plenty
Raise their voices now and then.
From the hefty squealing sucker
To the cackling laying hen
And many other articles
Too numerous to declare
It was a real repetition
Of the Auld Lammas Fair.

And now it just remains for me
To say God Bless you all.
And thanks for every help received
In building our new Hall;
And many generations yet unborn
Who follow in our train
Never, never have to say
Our work was all in vain.

Tea was served to all present, and before the closing of that service Jennifer Stewart presented Mrs. Haire with a bouquet.
23Presentation {Jennifer Stewart presenting Mrs. Haire with a bouquet, March 1971.}
The following gifts were presented to the hall by members:

Piano – Mr. 0. Greer.Piano Stool – Miss M. Irvine
Table and Chairs – Mr. S. Rutherford and Mrs. I. RutherfordPlatform Carpet – Mr. J. Scott and Mr. W. Beatty

Bible and Bible rest – Miss M. Reid.

Hall Clock – Mr. T. Jess.

Kitchen Clock – Mr. B. Graham.

Bowling Mat and Felt – Messrs. S. & R. Bell

Tea Trolley – G.A.

Tea Trolley – Mr. R. Irvine.

Three Mirrors – Mr. J. Eddie.

Electric Kettle – Mr. Whitford.

Kitchen Table – Mr. S. Jess.

Kitchen Table – Mr. M. Stewart.

Two Folding Tables – Hunter Family (Clintagh)

Two S.S. Work Tables – Mr. T. Mitchell.

Table Tennis Table – Mr. D. Rutherford.

Two hundred stainless steel spoons – Mr. W. Stewart

100 China Cups and Saucers – Gourley Family

Two Trays – Mr. D. Kirk.

First Aid Cabinet – Mr. J. Falloon.

Curtains and 100 chairs – P.W.A.

Chairs and Table Tennis Table – Y.P. Guild

Light fittings, S.School

Chairs and work tables – S. School.