Graveyard Rules 2017-03-15T08:11:05+00:00

1. The burial ground attached to the Church is vested in the Trustees of the Church. It is maintained for the use of the members of the congregation and for persons who have already an established right of burial therein.

2. A member of the congregation for the purposes of the Graveyard Rules is defined as one who has contributed at least £200 to Church Funds in the last two financial years.

3. All persons proposing to bury in the Graveyard must apply first to Mr Norman Jess, 8 Cluntagh Road, Ballynahinch BT24 8JA Telephone 028 97532425.

4. The following are the scale of fees payable

Members for each interment – Nil

Non – Members for each interment – £250

5. New burial plots for members of the Congregation will be charged £100 per plot on first registration.

6. The gravedigger authorised by the Church Committee will be the only person to open and close the grave and dispose of the surplus material.

7. The erection of surrounds and other enclosures at grave plots is prohibited.

8. Headstones can be erected on grave plots. Persons wishing to do so must apply in writing to seek approval from the Church Committee. All details as to dimensions thereof and also the proposed inscription on the headstone to be furnished with the application. No work to be undertaken until approval is granted by Committee.

9. Headstones on grave plots to be maintained in a safe and stable manner and the Committee reserve the right to remove any headstone that is at risk under Health and Safety Regulations.

10. In order to facilitate grass cutting and the maintenance of the Graveyard the Committee reserve the right to remove metal railings and other surrounds and also in the interests of safety

12. As the planting of trees or shrubs is not permitted the Committee reserves the right to remove these from grave plots

13. The Committee do not accept responsibility for damage caused to headstones flower vases or wreaths

14. The decision of the Church Committee regarding any matter concerning the graveyard shall be final and binding.

15. The Committee have the power to revise these rules from time to time