Becoming a Member 2017-03-15T08:03:37+00:00

Loughaghery belongs to the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, and there are two forms of membership within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland:

  1. An adherent member is someone who may attend, contribute financially and participate, but does not vote and is not a communicant
  2. A communicant member is someone who has been baptised (as an infant or as an adult), attended membership classes and is able to make a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Usually once every two years, our Minister conducts a series of membership classes for anyone who wishes to become a Communicant member of the Church. Upon completion of these classes, each participant has a brief interview with the Minister, and then the names of all those who wish to be admitted to communicant membership are submitted to the Kirk Session for approval.

Upon approval, new Communicant members (along with others who have transferred membership from another congregation) are received into full membership during a service of worship